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Diabetes is a disease in which an individual cannot produce sufficient insulin, resulting in imbalance in the level of sugar in the blood.  It can cause several medical complications.

Diabetes is a serious condition and there are particular concerns in relation to cosmetic surgery.  In particular, if you undergo a general anaesthetic, you will need to be assessed for suitability, as the complications caused by uneven blood sugar levels can lead to dangerous levels of bleeding in the surgery itself or post-operatively.  It can also cause potential problems in regulating your body’s rhythms during the surgery, as you are unconscious and therefore the levels of anaesthesia need to be carefully judged and maintained.  There could be negative factors such as medicines prescribed for your diabetes; these may react unfavourably with other drugs needed before, during or after your surgery. 

Discuss this with your surgeon.  It is possible that you may need to seriously reconsider surgery as a viable route to achieve your desired improvement in your appearance.  You may need to consider other courses of action or alternative treatments.