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Glaucoma covers a range of diseases of the eye, including a build-up of fluid and/or pressure behind the eye, deterioration of the quality of the lining of the eyeball, damage to the optic nerve or complete or partial loss of vision. 

Glaucoma is a particularly important factor if you are considering any surgical procedure that involves the area around the eye – especially in the case of a Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery.) 

It is particularly important to inform your surgeon if you are on other medications, as they could interact unfavourably or even dangerously with drugs you may need to take before, during or after any other cosmetic surgical procedure.  In addition, glaucoma could be indicative of other underlying health complications.  The incidence of glaucoma can also be linked to age, genetics and environmental factors; these could all effect your suitability as a candidate for any surgical procedure.  Ensure you inform your potential surgeon of any such potential complications.