Cosmetic Surgery/Plastic Surgery Loans

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Often it is the case that you want surgery but cannot afford to pay for it straight away. The NHS does offer funding for some forms of surgery, most commonly if you have had a trauma or need corrective cosmetic surgery for some form of accident or disease related condition.  Plastic surgery such as scar reduction, dental implants or liposuction can sometimes be undergone free of charge due to these reasons.  More likely, however, is that you want surgery that is not completely due to health reasons.  You may want ear pinning surgery or a chin implant, but doing so will have no major benefit to your health as a whole, and you will not suffer physically/mentally without the surgery.  Due to these reasons the NHS cannot always help.

If your surgery has been rejected by the NHS then you will have to fund the surgery on your own.  This can cause problems as some forms of surgery are very expensive and it might be that you cannot afford the procedure that you wish to have.  In these cases many people apply for a loan, either from their bank or from an independent company, so that they can pay for the surgery immediately and then pay the money back on a monthly basis.

Cosmetic surgery loans from private companies or from banks are usually dependant on a good credit rating and might even be affected by your annual income.  You will have to provide quite an extensive amount of information as to your financial position in order to secure a loan.  Once you have obtained a loan it is likely that the interest rate will be high, due to the nature of the loan.  It is important that you ensure that you know what you are letting yourself into before agreeing to any form of repayment or loan. 

Payment can also be obtained from specific cosmetic clinics.  Sometimes they will allow you to have the surgery and then pay them back with a set amount per month.  Although the interest might be quite inflated, this is a viable option if you want surgery that you cannot afford.  It is a good idea to talk to the clinic extensively to uncover the payment schemes available.