Nose Splint

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After a Rhinoplasty ("nose job"), a nose splint will be applied to hold the nose in place to help fix the shape.  Additionally the interior of the nose may be ‘packed’ to keep the septum in place.  These are standard post-operative procedures that will help maintain the alterations made by your Rhinoplasty, maximising results and enhancing the cosmetic and aesthetic appearance post-surgery. 

Other post-operative advice includes:

  • Using compresses.  Follow medical advice; in some cases the best  method will be using cold compresses, in others, warm compresses, particularly in later stages of recovery.
  • Keep the head raised to limit swelling and bruising.
  • Avoid any trauma to the nose, including blowing it, for up to a month after the procedure to avoid damaging tissue and causing possible bleeding. 
  • Follow your doctor’s advice as to the best course of pain relief during the initial recovery process.