Open Rhinoplasty

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A Rhinoplasty, or ‘nose job’, is a commonly performed cosmetic surgical procedure designed to restructure the nose to give an aesthetically improved appearance. 

There are two main forms of nose job, an ‘open’ Rhinoplasty or a ‘closed’ Rhinoplasty.  An open Rhinoplasty is the more traditional procedure.  The incision is made to the columella, the section of skin between the nostrils, resulting in a visible wound on the surface of the skin.  However, if carried out effectively, this should heal well and not leave particularly visible scarring.

The main advantage of an open Rhinoplasty include allowing the surgeon much greater ease of access to the site of the surgery.  It is also often the preferable option if the intended result is more dramatic.  In major cases of restructuring, or in aiming to achieve a totally different shape and look to the nose, open Rhinoplasty can be more effective than a closed Rhinoplasty, which necessarily leaves the surgeon less room for manoeuvre.  Your surgeon should be able to advise you of the pros and cons of each in your consultation.