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The nasal septum is the section of tissue that divides the inner nasal cavities. 

In terms of cosmetic and aesthetic considerations, the septum may be surgically altered to provide a straighter, narrower nose structure.  In conditions where the columella (the visible, external part of the septum) is either ‘hidden’ (invisible) or ‘hanging’ (protruding) the inner part of the septum may need to be adjusted to achieve the best aesthetic effect. 

If the septum is severely off-centre – either due to an inherited abnormality, or as a result of previous trauma to the nose – it is known as a ‘deviated septum’.  In more extreme cases surgical intervention may be recommended to help treat resulting breathing problems. 

Various surgical cosmetic procedures may involve some restructuring of the septum or the overall appearance of the nose.  These include Rhinoplasty and Septorhinoplasrt (both forms of nasal surgery.)