Suction Assisted Liposuction - SAL

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This is the form of liposuction that you will traditionally think of when you think of liposuction.  This is the most basic form of liposuction there is, and is widely used in elements for all forms of liposuction.  The basic procedure involves:

  • An anaesthetic, either local or general being applied
  • There are some incisions made to allow access for a cannula
  • A suction devise (cannula) is inserted under the skin and manipulated to remove fat cells
  • The careful movements of the surgeon detach fat cells and allow them to be suctioned out of the body
  • The incisions are either sutured with one stitch or left open to heal naturally.

This form of liposuction is the basic model for other, newer, methods.  However, the introduction of tumescent fluids and other, fat liquefying techniques have meant that there are better, less traumatic ways to remove fat cells from the body.