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In the widest sense of the word, trauma is the term for any physical damage to the body.  It can be the result of an accident, or it can be the practical side-effect of surgery during the recovery period and healing process.

If you have suffered mild trauma to the soft tissue of your face, resulting in minor disfigurement, there are some cosmetic surgical procedures that may improve your appearance.  You need to discuss your options with a reputable medical practitioner.

In terms of post-operative trauma, such as bruising, swelling or bleeding from the site of the surgery, you can minimise your risk of such complications by following your post-operative healing advice and guidelines meticulously.  The recovery process will be influenced by your overall health before the surgery.  Younger, fitter individuals are likely to recover more quickly and with less trauma after surgery than older or more unfit patients.  You need to be realistic about your surgery and your recovery, as well as your final expectations of the results.