Are there any chin lift exercises?

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There are exercises that you could try that might change the amount of fat around the chin, so giving it more definition and increasing the shape of the jaw line.  More and more people have been using these recently, and sometimes they can prevent the need for cosmetic surgery.  Exercising the throat and neck areas is the most effective tool for changing the appearance of the chin.  One exercise is to tilt the head towards the ceiling and then to try to touch your chin with your tongue.  By doing this exercise you ought to be able to feel the muscles stretching, once you do you ought to relax.  Another variation of this exercise is to pucker your lips as if for a kiss, then to slowly tilt your head to the ceiling.  Once looking at the ceiling try to stretch your lips further out.  There are all sorts of exercises, these are only two, and you can get more advice about these from any gym or even online. 

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