What is the price of a chin implant?

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Chin implant surgery in the UK will cost you about £3000 to £4000 depending on the clinic and surgeon you choose.  Normally this will include the price of the initial consultations as well as the surgery and advise or follow up appointments.  Any additional care that you might need is likely to cost you more, for example if the implant shifts and needs repositioning.  This is worth discussing, however, as sometimes surgeons will make changes to the implant if it is their fault that it isn’t right.  It is unlikely that you will be eligible for any grants to have chin augmentation, it being seen as a cosmetic surgery, not totally necessary for your overall health.  There might be some instances where a chin implant will be provided on the NHS but these are rare and you will need a referral from your GP.  As well as the initial cost of the surgery you ought to take the time you will need off work into account as well, as this could affect whether or not you are able to afford surgery.  Normally this is about two weeks.  You can get cheaper surgery abroad, saving anything up to 80% on the cost in the UK.  However, again you need to think about travel costs and time on top of the actual cost of the surgery.  Sometimes you can get a sort of package deal, offering travel, accommodation and surgery for one fixed price.  These can be quite cheap, especially as more clinics are trying to compete for your custom.

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