Are chin implants safe?

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Chin implants are as safe as any other cosmetic implant.  Of course there are always things that might go wrong, and it is up to you to try hard to eliminate these by being as healthy as possible before and after your surgery.  As advances are being made within medicine the risks are continuously being reduced, and it is likely that the risk of this surgery is alike to everyday risks that you might already take.  Side effects due to chin implants are rare, however they do sometimes occur.  The most common post-surgery problems are easily fixed or treated, for example infections can be cleared up with anti-biotics.  Whether a chin implant is a safe option for you personally will be decided by your surgeon, and if they deem it to be too high a risk then they will not perform the surgery.  You are the one who ultimately needs to make the choice whether the risks are less than the rewards of having a chin lift. 

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