Can liposuction be used to define my body?

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Yes.  Liposuction has been gradually refined over recent years, and now there are systems that are very precise in the fat cells that it targets and the shape that is left after the surgery.  Liposelection or body contouring has become more and more popular as a way for people to gain a better definition to their body.  Laser liposuction and UAL are the two methods championed for this approach to liposuction, able to effectively mould the fat cells in order to sculpt and shape your body.  Muscles can be made to look a lot more defined, helping you to achieve the body you wish for, such as having a six pack or pert buttocks.  Areas of the body can be made larger or smaller, toned and muscular.

This form of liposuction can only be used for people who are within at least 10% of their ideal body weight, and who are serious about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Not much fat always needs to be removed, and the results can have a serious effect on the silhouette and shape of the body. 

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