Can I have liposuction for a double chin?

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Yes, due to new, precise forms of liposuction the fat cells around the neck and chin can be easily removed.  This will only take an hour or so, and you will be placed under a local anaesthetic.  The results for chin liposuction are great, with serious, long lasting improvements made that instantly make you appear younger.  There are certain instances where liposuction will not be able to be performed, generally due to prevailing health issues but generally liposuction can be easily performed to the chin.  Liposuction to this area is preferable to other forms of surgery as there will be hardly a scar to see and the recovery time is very short.  With an area that is constantly on display the amount of scarring is a big issue to consider and liposuction has very small incisions that usually fade over a couple of years.

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