Will Liposuction Remove Loose Skin?

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No.  Liposuction merely attacks the subcuteous fat cells, the ones under the skin.  Liposuction serves to liquefy them, and the suction them out, leaving the skin on top almost untouched other than where the incisions were made.  This means that any excess skin that might be there after liposuction has been performed will need to be removed through surgery.  This is partly the reason why liposuction ought not be used to remove large fatty deposits, as the resulting surgery to remove the skin will leave scars.  It might be better to have a different form of surgery, although this needs to be discussed with your surgeon.

Most body areas can be treated using liposuction, although certain areas that might be more intricate will require a more accurate form of liposuction such as VASER.  Liposuction is routinely used to treat areas such as the hips, thighs, stomach, arms and even the neckline.  The face, feet and hands are unlikely to need liposuction, and are too complicated to perform liposuction upon.  Which type of liposuction to use very much depends on you and how much fat you want removed from where.  This is best discussed with your surgeon who will be able to advise you on the best types for your situation.   

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