Can I use liposuction to lose weight?

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Liposuction should definitely not be viewed as a weight loss method.  Yes, liposuction can reduce the amount of fat cells in your body, but ideally you would already be relatively close to your ideal body weight.  The perfect case for liposuction would be someone who is fit and healthy, already has a balanced diet and good exercise routine who wants to get rid of stubborn fat deposits that aren’t responding to exercise.  Liposuction is used to help people get a better figure, but large amounts of fat cannot be removed through this method.  It is potentially very dangerous to do so, with issues of fluid balance and loss of blood or damage to other tissues.  If you are considered severely overweight or obese, liposuction is not the answer and instead you might want to look at other surgeries such as tummy tucks to address these problems.  Liposuction is often used in conjunction with other surgeries that are designed to reduce the amount of fat on your body, helping after the main body of the surgery to create a better shape to your figure. 

The best way for you to lose weight is to try to maintain a balanced diet and exercise well.  Your GP can offer advice on how best to lose weight and there are many of different diets and exercises that you can try.  Liposuction is not a feasible weight loss option.  

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