Will ageing affect my new nose after rhinoplasty?

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As with all cosmetic surgical procedures, the aesthetic benefits of a Rhinoplasty will fade slowly with the natural ageing process.  The skin around the nose ages just as it does on the rest of the face; in that respect you will notice minor changes in the appearance of your restructured nose over time.  However, assuming the surgery has been competently carried out, and all the due after-care is observed, the benefits of your new nose should be very long-lived. 

If you had a fairly minor reshaping, requiring a less invasive version of a Rhinoplasty, and there have not been profound changes made to the tissue within your nose, then the effects should last a long time. 

In cases where major restructuring has taken place, you may need to revisit your surgeon for check-ups and any minor reconstructive work over time.

It is worth considering that, as with most cosmetic procedures, there are complimentary and/or alternative procedures that can enhance or help maintain the aesthetic appearance of your nose.  Discuss this with your consultant, and be prepared to approach other (reputable) medical or cosmetic practitioners for advice.  

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