Can a nose job fix my broken nose?

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A Rhinoplasty (‘nose job’) can be extremely effective in restructuring the shape and aesthetic appearance of a broken nose. 

However, it does depend on the nature and extent of the damage suffered.  In severe cases it may be necessary to undergo more than one cosmetic procedure to achieve the desired effect.  It will also influence whether or not your surgeon decides to opt for an ‘open’ or ‘closed’ Rhinoplasty.  An ‘open’ Rhinoplasty involves making the surgical incisions on the external skin of the nose; a ‘closed’ Rhinoplasty is done by making the incisions within the nose itself.  Depending on the area of worst trauma to the nose, your surgeon will perform the version of this surgery which will achieve the maximum beneficial result. 

In most cases, relatively minor sports injuries (such as boxing or rugby accidents, or any other contact sport) where the individual in question has only sustained one break, the nose can be vastly improved by undergoing a Rhinoplasty. In more severe instances, such as when suffered in conjunction with other facial injuries (for example, in a car accident or serious fall) then while a Rhinoplasty can help restore the aesthetic appearance of the nose, the patient will possibly need additional cosmetic surgical procedures.  It is worth bearing in mind that you may not completely regain the former appearance of the nose; every case is individual.  An experienced cosmetic surgeon specialising in Rhinoplasty procedures for reconstructive purposes will be able to advise you and answer any concerns or queries. 

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