I have a hole in my nose, can a nose job fix this?

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It depends what has caused it, and the location of the hole in your nose.  If it is a hole in the inner tissue separating the nasal cavities (the septum), then a Rhinoplasty is not likely to be the most effective procedure to ‘fix’ this problem.  It is more likely that a Septoplasty (an operation to treat problems with the septum itself, rather than the external appearance of the nose) is a more viable option.

However, if the damage has been caused by substance misuse, such as snorting cocaine or inhaling solvents, then you will need to consult with a medical practitioner, as treating the damaged tissue without knowing the history of the case could cause complications.  Similarly, if you continue to use substances after such a procedure, it could cause serious complications and further damage. 

If the hole is in the surface or exterior of the nose, then some version of nasal plastic surgery may be effective, depending on the size of the hole and the cause.  Accidents or long-term nasal piercing can potentially be ‘corrected’, but in each individual case you would need to discuss your particular needs with your surgeon. 

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