How long will it take for me to heal after a nose job?

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The duration of the healing process after a Rhinoplasty will vary according to the individual.  It will also depend on which kind of Rhinoplasty you have, and to what extent the nose has been restructured.  In a ‘closed’ Rhinoplasty the surgery is within the nose itself, leaving little or no visible markings on the outside of the nose (although there may be swelling and bruising internally which may alter the outward appearance of the nose for a time.)  An ‘open’ Rhinoplasty requires incisions to be made externally, often requiring stitching or suturing which is visible on the exterior of the nose, and leaving minor wounds that will take a while to heal after the sutures have been removed.

As with any cosmetic surgical procedure, the importance of following the after-care instructions cannot be underestimated.  With proper cleansing and lengthy enough rest, you should be able to speed up the healing process with the minimum of potential complications.  

A basic guide is that the worst of the initial swelling should go down within 7-14 days of the procedure.  Within 3-4 weeks, the patient should feel able to go out without feeling too self conscious about their appearance, and indeed, some of the aesthetic benefits of the procedure should be apparent by now.  After 6 months, any marks or scarring should have subsided enough as to be practically impossible to notice except on close inspection.  However, for the full extent of your surgery to completely heal may take up to somewhere between 6-12 months.  You should consult closely with your surgeon to reach an understanding of how your own procedure and healing process are likely to pan out.  

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