Does a nose job hurt?

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It depends on the extent of the surgery and the procedure you choose.  In any form of Rhinoplasty (‘nose job’) you will have some degree of swelling and bruising after the operation.  The extent of the trauma to the tissue operated on will depend partly on your own natural pace of healing; however, it can be aided by following the advice and post-operative care instructions given by your surgeon. 

In terms of the Rhinoplasty itself, if you are undergoing extensive restructuring of the shape of your nose, you will almost certainly be under a general anaesthetic.  In this case, you will be unconscious for the procedure itself.  A Rhinoplasty, even one carried out by an experienced cosmetic surgeon, is a fairly invasive procedure, and in most cases patients suffer at least a degree of discomfort for some time afterwards.  You will be prescribed medication to alleviate any excessive pain, and it is essential that you rest for the duration advised by your surgeon. 

Often your nose will need to be bandaged externally, and splints or packing will be placed inside the nose to help hold the restructured shape in place while the tissues heal.  Stitches can itch during the healing process; keeping your wounds clean will help prevent unnecessary discomfort, or any more potentially serious side-effects resulting from infection.

In short, a Rhinoplasty will not be a quick, easy and pain-free procedure in most cases.  That is why it is vital to ensure you are fully advised as to the best course of action and type of Rhinoplasty for you during your consultation period. 

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