Is a nose job expensive?

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As with all cosmetic surgery, a ‘nose-job’, or Rhinoplasty, is going to vary in price, depending on exactly what version of the procedure you opt for, as well as which surgeon and clinic you decide to have perform the procedure.  Due to the increasingly competitive nature of plastic and cosmetic surgery, and the growing number of people seeking a range of aesthetically improving surgical procedures, many clinics will offer options such as paying in instalments, facilitating loans, or providing special offers if you choose a ‘package’ of treatments.  You need to be careful to seek independent advice as to which of these is the best option for you, and do not let extreme ‘bargain’ deals influence your decision too much.  The most important thing is to choose the right surgeon for you, and the right kind of procedure to achieve the results you want. 

As a very general guideline, you can expect to pay somewhere between £2000-£6000, with many standard Rhinoplasty operations coming in more specifically between £3000-£4500.

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