Can plastic surgery make my nose look smaller?

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A ‘nose job’ or Rhinoplasty is often performed as a cosmetic procedure to change the aesthetic appearance of the nose.  While it can have medical benefits in some cases, it is usually sought by individuals who are unhappy with the appearance of their nose; either because of some trauma or accident that has damaged their original nasal appearance, or, more commonly, because they feel their nose looks too big, or has some unsightly bumps or shape. 

As to whether plastic surgery can make your nose look smaller, the answer will often be yes.  However, it is very much dependent on individual cases.  If the perceived imperfection is, for example, a bump somewhere along the front, external edge of the nose, this can usually be corrected through various forms of Rhinoplasty.  If it is the case that the individual considers their nose too big overall, then it is down to the advice of an experienced cosmetic surgeon – preferably one with a successful and proven track record in performing Rhinoplasty – to discuss with the prospective patient whether such surgery will indeed decrease the size of the nose.  In some instances it is more likely that a reshaping can achieve a desirable aesthetic effect.  A decent and reputable surgeon should always be honest and constructive in consultation to ensure that you achieve as natural a look as possible.  Extreme surgery to profoundly alter one facial feature will often achieve an unnatural and unattractive appearance.  For this reason, try to be as objective as you can about your perceived imperfection based on medical advice, and be realistic about what you hope to achieve through cosmetic surgery.  Similarly, be prepared for the fact that to achieve the kind of look you desire may require more than one surgical procedure, or even additional work to maintain or achieve balance in the overall facial structure. 

Be very careful in selecting your surgeon, and make sure to research testimonials to their achievements.  Also don’t be afraid to see photographic evidence of their previous work, especially if they have dealt with similar cases to yours in the past. 

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