How do I know I can trust my plastic surgeon?

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Perhaps the single most important consideration when you first start researching any cosmetic surgical procedure is to ensure you can trust your surgeon.  You need to know several key facts:

  • Vitally, is your surgeon accredited?  (For example, do they belong to an organisation such as BAPRAS or BAAPS, and are they on the Register of Plastic Surgeons?)
  • Do they have proven experience in the specific procedure you are seeking? 
  • Do they have visual evidence and/or reliable testimonials as to the successful outcomes for this kind of operation?
  • Are they willing to discuss your needs with a suitable degree of objectivity, and advise you honestly as to whether this procedure is right for you?
  • Are they up-to-date on the latest developments in this kind of surgery?
  • Do they provide, or can they direct you to, suitable and effective after-care?
  • Will they review your progress at recommended intervals after your surgery?
  • Do you feel confident you can discuss your questions and concerns with them honestly?

If your plastic surgeon can meet and fulfil all of these criteria, then you can almost certainly trust them to achieve the very best results for you.