Will a nose job leave scars?

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A ‘nose-job’, or Rhinoplasty, is carried out in two main ways.  One is a ‘closed’ Rhinoplasty, in which the procedure is done entirely within the nose, and one is an ‘open’ Rhinoplasty, where the surgical incisions are made to the external surface of the nose.  In either instance, it is possible that there may be some very slight scarring, depending on the extent of the procedure.  If you are only having a fairly minor reshaping of the nose – removing a slight bump, or correcting damage caused by the trauma of a minor accident – then, assuming your surgeon is competent and experienced, any long-term scarring is unlikely, and even during the healing process, should not be overly noticeable.  Again, it is important to follow advice on treating the wounds and the area of the surgery after the operation itself to achieve the best results and minimise undesirable side effects. 

In a more extreme case, such as to totally change the appearance of the nose, or carry out major reconstruction after a serious accident, then there may be some limited scarring.  It largely depends not only on the type of procedure itself, but also on the condition of the skin and tissue being operated on, as well as the natural healing capacity of the individual patient.  You should discuss any concerns regarding the potential for scarring from your Rhinoplasty with your surgeon.  

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