What are the Tummy Tuck Complications?

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Complications arising from tummy tucks are rare, however, they can happen.  You can form blood clots from having trapped fluid around the stomach area or you might develop an infection.  Most types of surgery can have these side effects, and as long as you are aware of them and seek treatment quickly they aren’t too dangerous.  The scars you get from your tummy tuck surgery will stay with you for life, although they will lessen as time goes by and they are normally easily hidden beneath a swimming costume.  Sometimes the area around your naval can lose sensation and go numb, this is relatively common but normally resolves itself within a few months.  There have been cases, however, when this lost sensation has been permanent.  During tummy tuck surgery your tummy button is effectively repositioned, and sometimes it can distort and shift slightly to one side.  This will need more surgery to make better, although is very rare.  As long as you follow your surgeons instructions then you aren’t likely to experience any bad side effects from tummy tuck surgery.  For example you will be asked to stop smoking before the surgery, and if you do it will help to prevent any tissue death after the surgery.

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