BMI Blackheath Hospital

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BMI Healthcare The Blackheath Hospital

BMI Healthcare The Blackheath Hospital
40 - 42 Lee Terrace
Greater London
Tel: 020 8318 7722
Full clinic details: BMI The Blackheath Hospital prides itself on a quick and efficient service that doesn't compromise on quality, but focuses on dealing with a potentially worrying health concern as quickly as possible. The only staff available are experienced individuals with both the skills and expertise that you, as a patient of BMI Healthcare and The Blackheath Hospital, are entitled to. The Blackheath Hospital is a large 68 bed acute hospital in Blackheath village, easy to get to from the anywhere in London or the South East. The main site provides its own on-site surgical suites, complete with supporting high dependency beds and the latest in diagnostic imaging technologies like MRI and CT scanners. A second site serves as an outpatient clinic, this is a mere five minute walk from its larger sister site, the main hospital, and features 20 purpose designed consulting rooms and 2 minor treatment rooms. The two sites work to complement one another, and together provide a complete care system geared towards patient satisfaction.
Cosmetic surgery & treatments offered at this clinic: Liposuction, ear correction, gynecomastia, eyebrow lift, dermabrasion, tummy tuck, vein treatment, brow lift, eyelid surgery, breast enlargement, facelift, breast reduction.

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