Skin Tag Removal through Cryosurgery

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Cryosurgery or Cryotherapy is often used by GP’s to remove skin growths such as skin tags or warts.  The process is very easy, hardly causes any pain and is over very quickly.  Your GP will use a very cold substance such as dry ice or liquid nitrogen to make the skin tag very cold.  This freezes them off, killing the cells within the skin tag, blocking the blood supply to the area and causing it to eventually drop off.  The cold substance can be placed on the skin by using a cotton bud, sprayed over the area or targeted using a specialised probe.  The process is over within minutes, although for larger skin tags you may need to have more than one treatment before it is completely removed.

After Surgery

Following your cryosurgery procedure you are likely to experience some redness and could be sore in the area that was treated.  It is possible that you might develop one or more blisters around where your skin tag had been, although over the next few days you will notice these start to scab over.  Eventually the blisters will completely disappear, and the area will be smooth once again.  If you are in any discomfort you can take over the counter pain medication such as ibuprofen or paracetemol to help control this.  Normally the skin will heal quickly, although sometimes the area can remain sore for a few weeks following the procedure. 

The amount of scarring produced will depend on the size of the skin tag being removed and on your skin type and scar history.  For people who scar easily, you may be left with a small scar or a slight pigmentation change where your skin tag once was, however even this is very rare.  Normally the area will be smooth and clear, with no sign of the skin tag having ever been there.


Cryosurgery contains very little risk for the patient, and will only cause pain or discomfort for a few seconds.  There is hardly any risk of infection, and you can be certain that any healthy skin surrounding the area is not adversely affected by the process.  Your GP or dermatologist will be able to discuss any concerns that you might have about the process, but in general the risks really are minimal.

It is possible that following cryosurgery for a skin tag you might be left with a small scar.  This is very rare, and is more likely if you suffer from keloid scarring or are known to scar very easily, or if your skin tag was very large.  For most people the area will be smooth, and not scarred following cryosurgery. 

Cost of Cryosurgery for Skin Tags

Skin tag removal is available on the NHS, and can be performed by your GP or dermatologist for free.  It is possible that you will have to wait for this treatment, and waiting times can vary across the country, however skin tags in prominent areas or causing discomfort are likely to be given priority.  It is possible that your GP might not be able to conduct a skin tag removal through the NHS, as funding for small problems such as this have been cut, and only if your skin tag is deemed problematic will it be treated. 

Skin Tag removal through cryosurgery is available privately, and can cost between £60 and £320 depending on the size, location and number of skin tags being treated.  At a private clinic you are unlikely to have to wait at all for this treatment, and all cryosurgical procedures within private clinics are performed by a qualified doctor.    

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