Herbal Remedies for Skin Tag Removal

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There are many creams and herbal treatments available on the high street targeted to remove skin tags.  These range from expensive creams sold in pharmacies to home-remedies that you can try yourself.  Whether you are going to buy a cream, or make one, it would be a good idea to get some advise from your pharmacist or GP.  They can take a quick look at your skin tag and recommend removal or further investigation.  It is possible that what you thought was a skin tag is in fact a more serious skin growth that will warrant medical investigation.

Some examples of herbal treatments for skin tag removal include:

  • Applying garlic to the skin tag through the use of a gauze.  This is meant to make the skin tag fall off within a few days
  • Washing the skin tag with tea tree oil or apple cider
  • Dermisil, a cream available from pharmacies that is completely made from natural ingredients.  The skin tag is meant to drop off while you use the product. 

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