Cutting off a Skin Tag

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Sometimes you might be able to simply cut off your skin tag, although this might lead to a higher amount of bleeding, and an increased possibility of scarring.  You must:

  • Ensure that the area is clean before attempting to cut your skin tag off
  • Disinfect any scissors or equipment
  • Use tweezers to pull the tag away from the skin, so you can cut the tag off with as much precision as possible
  • Have cotton wool and an antiseptic cream or spray to hand

Cutting off a skin tag can be quite painful, with a strong sting and some bleeding straight away.  To help the area heal it is important to apply an antiseptic and some pressure after you have removed the skin tag.  This will help to stop the bleeding, and will help prevent any infections from setting in. 

Large skin tags should not be cut off, as you will bleed heavily and there is a greater risk of infection.  Instead it would be better for your GP or a cosmetic clinic, to remove any that you think are large in size or that you are worried about. 

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