Skin Tags on your Body

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Skin tags are known to form around areas where skin is likely to rub against itself.  This can be linked to weight gain among some people, or can occur naturally in areas where this occurs naturally.  The most common areas for skin tags to form are:

  • The armpit
  • The groin
  • Around the anus
  • Neck
  • Face
  • Around your eyes or on your eyelid
  • On your chest
  • Under the breasts (on the bra line)
  • On the buttocks

Some areas are more problematic than others, with many people who suffer from visible skin tags, (on the face and neck), wishing to have them removed.  Other areas, such as the armpit, might cause fewer problems for the individual, as the skin tag is less visible.  Skin tags can also prove difficult to live with if they are in position where they often rub against clothes.  They can become very sore due to chafing, and this might be another reason why you wish to have them removed.

Skin tags can form all over the body, and some people are more prone to getting skin tags due to hereditary factors or for being overweight.  They can appear as individual flaps of skin, or can occur in groups or clusters in one particular area.

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