Are Skin Tags Dangerous?

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Skin tags normally only irritates people.  Rarely are other health problems implicated, although skin tags in large numbers might be an indication of diabetes or an insulin problem. 

The main risk that a skin tag might pose is that of chafing, or pulling against your clothes.  This can cause you some discomfort, and might cause the skin tag to be pulled off, leading to a small amount of bleeding and pain.  This isn’t normally a problem, and it is unlikely that your skin tag will grow back if this occurs.  Indeed this happens regularly for people who don’t even realise that they had a skin tag in the first place. 

Complications can arise if you remove your skin tag, or have it medically removed.  If you leave your skin tag alone there is very little chance of it becoming problematic.  Infection can set in following removal, as the skin is torn, creating an access point for bacteria.  It is also very important that if you are any doubt whether your flap is a skin tag or not, you get a professional opinion before you have it removed, or before you remove it.  Moles and warts will react in a very different way to skin tags, and need different forms of treatments.  

Most people wish to remove their skin tag due to the visual impact it can cause, especially if it is located on the face or neck.  If located in a prominent position, they can be difficult to cover up. 

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