Cost of Surgical Excision for Skin Tag Removal

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The cost of having you skin tag removed through surgical excision will vary depending on the size of your skin tag, your skin tags’ location, who performs the procedure and how many skin tags you wish to have removed at the same time. 

Skin tag excision can be performed free of charge on the NHS, however this is only likely to be done if it is causing you pain or discomfort or if it is in a prominent position.  It is worth checking with your GP whether your skin tag can be removed free of charge. 

If you only want your skin tag removed due to cosmetic reasons then it is likely that you will have to have the procedure performed by a private practitioner.  These clinics range in cost, and might cost anything between £60 or £200 depending on the number of skin tags to be removed, their location and who is conducting the removal.  The more experienced or qualified the dermatologist or practitioner, the more expensive your procedure is likely to be.     

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