Disadvantages of Cryosurgery for Skin Tags

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Cryosurgery must be performed by your GP or a dermatologist at their clinic, and you may have to wait for this service to be available.  Some GP’s have a long queue of people waiting to have a benign skin growth removed, and you could end up having to wait months for treatment.  This is not always the case, however, and sometimes the treatment can be performed very quickly.

Large skin tags cannot always be effectively treated through cryosurgery, and sometimes they will need to be cut off surgically instead of frozen. Some people end up with very small marks left on their skin where the skin tag had been removed.  This is quite rare, and usually any marks are very small. Despite these disadvantages skin tag removal is most commonly performed through the use of cryosurgery due to the small amount of risk involved and the results it produces. 

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