Ligation for Removing Skin Tags at Home

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Small skin tags can be removed at home, and you will need only very basic equipment to do so.  The recommended way to do this on your own is through a process called ‘ligation’.  To do this you ought to tie cotton or dental floss around the base of the stalk of your skin tag and leave it for a few days.  This might cause some discomfort, however after a few days you ought to notice your skin tag growing darker in colour until eventually it falls off.  This might cause some bleeding, however normally the skin will drop off without you noticing, and you will be left with only a small mark that will grow less noticeable over time. 

Using this method generally produces a small amount of discomfort but should not be very painful.  If your skin tag persists, then it is important to ensure that the cotton or floss is tight enough, or try cutting the skin tag off instead.

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