Recovery from Surgical Excision for Skin Tag Removal

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Once your skin tags have been removed through excision you will have to wait for around a week for the healing process to complete.  The wound will develop like any other cut or graze might, scabbing over and healing over a period of a week to two weeks.  During this time it would be a good idea to keep the wound as clean as possible, using antiseptic sprays or creams, and if you are experiencing any discomfort to take everyday painkillers such as ibuprofen or paracetemol.

If you experience any unusual pain, or notice any swelling or discharge then you ought to seek the advice of your practitioner.  Infections can occur due to skin tag excision, and might lead to scarring or further complications if left unchecked. 

Once your skin tag has been removed it shouldn’t grow back again, although this has been known to occur in some cases.  It is possible that another will grow due to the skin continuing to rub or due to some genetic cause.  These can be removed in due course. 

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