Removing Skin Tags at Home

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There are many ways that you can approach your skin tag removal, and it is up to you which one to employ.  Skin tag removal can be achieved at home, using very common and cheap instruments.  However, if you are unsure about doing this on your own you can get your skin tag removed at your GP’s surgery or at a cosmetic clinic.  You can remove your skin tag through excision, cutting it off, cryosurgery, freezing the skin off, or by removing the blood from the area through the use of cotton.  It is recommended that you don’t remove large skin tags yourself, but the small ones can be easily removed through DIY at home using simple equipment with minimal discomfort. 

Before you attempt to remove a skin tag at home it is very important that you are completely certain that your growth is a skin tag, not a mole, wart or other skin growth that might need to be treated medically.  Skin tags over half a centimetre or larger ought to be seen by your GP before you attempt to remove it yourself.  They might prefer to do it themselves to ensure that you will suffer no unexpected complications. 

Risks with Removing Skin Tags at Home

There are some risks involved with skin tag removal at home, the main problem being infection.  It is very important that you apply an antiseptic to the area, and that you keep it as clean as possible after removing your skin tag.

Scarring can also occur if you remove a skin tag at home, however the likelihood of this occurring with a small skin tag is very minimal, and any scars that you might develop will be so small you will hardly be able to see them.  If you suffer from keloid scarring it would not be advisable to remove your skin tag yourself, and instead you ought to seek the advise of your GP. 

Skin tags do sometimes grow back, although the reasons for this are not entirely known.  If you are prone to skin tags then it is likely that another will grow back at some point, so removing them is not always a permanent solution.    

Advantages of Removing a Skin Tag at Home

If you suffer from skin tags then being able to tackle it yourself does seem like the ideal answer.  Removing a skin tag at home is:

  • Easy to do
  • Very quick
  • No need to wait for an appointment
  • Not painful
  • Inexpensive

If your skin tag is very small, then removing it yourself might be the easiest thing for you to do.  However, if you have any concerns at all about removing your own skin tag then you ought to seek medical advice.  Large skin tags ought to be removed by an experienced practitioner and any skin tag that assumes an unusual colour or shape ought to be checked out.

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