Cost of Skin Tag Cauterisation

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Cauterisation for skin tag removal is available on the NHS, but you will need to discuss whether you are eligible with your GP.  The NHS are more likely to proceed if your skin tag is in a very prominent place, is causing you problems or affects your self esteem.  If you are able to have your skin tag cauterised on the NHS then there will be no charge for any part of the process.

Some people opt to have their skin tags removed privately, using professionals within a private clinic.  If you cannot have your skin tag cauterised on the NHS then having it removed privately is a good option, and can usually be achieved very quickly.  The price of cauterisation can vary depending on the size and location of your skin tag, and how many you wish to remove.  You can expect to spend £60 to remove a small skin tag, around £75 for a larger one.  Prices will vary between clinics and practitioners.

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