Advantages of Teosyal

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Many users of Teosyal have had very positive experiences of the products and as a result, receive on-going treatments. This is due to the positive effects and reputation that the Teosyal brand has achieved over the past few years, and certain advantages of the product.

There are a substantial amount of advantages to a Teosyal treatment. These include the fact that it is an extremely pure (25mg/g) and completely natural product. By using Hyaluronic acid naturally found already in the body, it means that not only is it one of the most natural ways to achieve a cosmetic change, but it also means that the product is not tested on animals as there is just no need to.

The fact that Teosyal is a natural product also means that the product will naturally disintegrate and break down after a period of time without harming your body or skin. So if you cannot afford to keep up with Teosyal treatments after the initial product has been broken down, then you don’t have to worry about any nasty, long lasting side effects. Your skin will just return back to normal.

Also partly due to the natural state of Teosyal treatments, but also due to specifically designed syringes, there is less inflammation, pain and swelling on injection than in many other injected cosmetic treatments. This means that looking good and looking the way that you want to can be an even easier and just that bit less of a scary experience. Teosyal products are some of the most durable cosmetic fillers on the market, with Teosyal Ultra Deep being noted as the longest lasting. Over the whole of the Teosyal range, the average duration is around 6 – 9 months, but Teosyal Ultra Deep can last up to 18 months, making Teosyal one of the greatest value cosmetic fillers available today.

Teosyal is also available in around 86 countries worldwide and boasts an excellent safety profile. There are very limited side effects of receiving the treatments, and dangerous side effects are very rare. This means that the world wide success and popularity of the treatments can give you that little bit extra reassurance; you can be assured in the fact that it works and more importantly, it is a safe and globally recognised product. 

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