Teosyal Kiss

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Lips are often one of the most difficult areas to treat cosmetically, mainly due to their mobility – we use our lips almost constantly throughout the day whether it be talking, eating, or drinking – and their dense blood vessel network. This means that in order to cosmetically enhance them, they often require a product especially designed just for them.

Teosyal Kiss is one of these products. It is a highly viscous formula, and contains very high plumping power when used in the lips. Its main purposes are to reshape the contours of the lips, increase lip volume, treat wrinkles around the mouth, rehydrate the lips and support lip corners.

Lip augmentation is a very common procedure in the cosmetic world in any age group. Although the lips do get thinner and generally more lined naturally as we get older, many people are unhappy from a very young age with the appearance of their lips. Whether this be just because they are a little thin or otherwise, Teosyal Kiss provides a great solution.

As this product is specifically designed for use in the lips, it is highly cross linked. This results in the gel within the treatment being substantially more resistant to being broken down. Resistance to being broken down means that Kiss boasts an optimal life span of 6 – 9 months. Although this product is specifically for use in the lips and nowhere else, this doesn’t mean it is the only product available in the Teosyal range. If you wished, you could also opt for a Teosyal Deep Lines. This product has around the same average duration of the Teosyal Kiss, so the differences are quite subtle between the specific lip treatments of both products. These differences could include a slight differentiation between prices or to the needles in which the product is administered.

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