Where can Teosyal be used?

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Teosyal can be used in a variety of places, mainly the face, lips, neck, chest area and hands. As its main aim is to improve the appearance, it is designed to be used in the places on the body that are on display most of the time and that are apt to show the first signs of ageing. Teosyal offer a wide range of treatments designed for different purposes. So if you want to get plumper lips, then you can use the specially designed Teosyal Kiss or Teosyal Deep Lines. Teosyal Deep Lines can, however, also be injected into various places on the face and rest of the designated areas on the body, so is quite a versatile product. What you actually want from the treatment and where will determine which product you go with. This is because each product does a different job. Whether that job is only slightly different like the difference between Teosyal Meso and Teosyal Fine Lines, or a pretty dramatic difference, like the difference between Teosyal Kiss and Teosyal Ultimate, it is enough to determine diverse effects.  Get a clear idea before you speak to your practitioner about exactly where you want to improve and how much you want to improve it, this way they can advise you on the right treatment for you as efficiently as possible.

If you’re looking to drastically improve many aspects of your appearance, you may well have to use two or three different products from the Teosyal range, so for example, if you wanted your lips plumping, the skin on your hands rejuvenated and deep lines in your face drastically reduced.

The most popular place to have the Teosyal treatment is to the face. This is because it is the most prominent feature of any person, and so signs of ageing or certain defects are a lot more noticeable. As Teosyal and other dermal fillers are non-surgical procedures, generally inexpensive in comparison with surgical procedures and very quick, it is easy to fix a lot of insecurities. From reducing fine lines around the mouth to remodelling the entire face, people can end up looking years younger and drastically better. 

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