Does Teosyal Hurt?

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Whether or not the Teosyal treatments hurt has received a mixed response. Many practitioners state that the treatments are relatively pain free, and that some people may feel a slight discomfort at the point of injection. But this pain is said to be very bearable and not overpowering.

Many practitioners will offer you an anaesthetic cream or possibly a numbing injection to the area you want treated before the injection. This reduces the feeling in the specified area, so once the anaesthetic or numbing cream has started to work, you shouldn’t feel too much discomfort at all. These numbing techniques are usually free of charge or very inexpensive, so if you’re worried about pain then it might be worth making the use of this offer – many people do. The procedure lasts on average around 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on which treatment you have. The longer you are being treated, the more pain or discomfort you are likely to feel. However, it is all relative to the individual. Some people deal much better with any kinds of pain than others. It also depends on where you are having the treatment and how the product is injected.

The point of how the Teosyal product is being injected is quite important to the issue of pain. In some reviews of the product, a few unhappy customers have complained of an unsatisfactory amount of pain during and after the injection. Some medical practitioners have advised that this could be due to an inexperienced practitioner who has a poor injection technique or local anaesthesia. So like everything, it is important for many reasons to do some research into the best practitioners in your area. Following the treatment, a common after effect is a slight redness or bruising around the area that has been treated. This area may be a little sore, but usually discomfort or pain subsides within 7 days of the treatment. If it doesn’t it is recommended that you contact your practitioner or doctor.

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