Teosyal Reviews

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Reviews of Teosyal treatments are generally quite mixed. Whilst many practitioners have started using Teosyal products within their work, there are some negative reports from unhappy customers.

The more negative responses and reviews of Teosyal are mainly found on independent cosmetic websites, where people can review different products. Some of these bad reviews include the customer complaining of the amount of pain, bruising or swelling after the treatment that will not go down, and in a few cases, lumps of collagen evident in the area that has been treated.

In response to a few of these complaints, medical practitioners who have never experienced any problems with the product have suggested that these negative results could have spanned from a variety of reasons, which do not necessarily imply the actual Teosyal product as being at blame. For example, the prolonged or extensive bruising could have been as a result of a poorly trained practitioner using an ineffective injection technique. Generally, the official reviews of Teosyal are positive with many practitioners labelling it as excellent value for money and capable of producing fantastic results for their patients. A few practitioners have swapped a lot of their previous Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers with Teosyal products. This is especially impressive when considering that Teosyal is fairly new on the market, only being launched in the UK in 2005.

When deciding if Teosyal is for you, it is of course important to look up reviews from independent sources, as sometimes the official sources have a tendency to only highlight the positive experiences of the product they are trying to sell. However, it is also very important to take into account that people are generally much more likely to post on the internet comments of a negative experience than a positive one – people love to complain. As with everything, it is wise to take some comments with a pinch of salt and take into account the different reasons as to different people’s negative experiences.

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