Teosyal First Lines

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Teosyal First Lines is the Teosyal product recommended for the treatment of many of the first signs of ageing, so for example, fine lines and ‘superficial’ wrinkles. Superficial wrinkles include crows’ feet, and are generally defined as lines that are apparent, but do not have any definition. The superficial areas of the skin (the superficial dermis) are primarily found in the papillary region. Due to their lack of definition, these kinds of lines can easily be filled with a less intense product like Teosyal First Lines. Teosyal First Lines has been reported at lasting around 6 months on average, so one of the least durable of the Teosyal range, falling three months of the average duration of the product range as a whole. After 6 months however, if you wish to carry on with Teosyal treatments, then the ‘top up’ of First Lines is a smaller injection. This means that the treatment may be a little cheaper, and potentially take a little bit less time. Again the durability of each injection is dependent on the individual though. A younger person who leads an active and relatively healthy lifestyle will probably achieve a longer lasting result.

The whole treatment lasts under thirty minutes, so depending on when you make the appointment, a Teosyal First Lines treatment could effectively be done on your lunch break. Teosyal recommends each client to go about their daily life as usual immediately after the treatment, so you could achieve a younger appearance with very minimal effort.

There are no reported long lasting effects of the product, so if you try it and decide it’s not for you, or you just decide to wait until you get lines and wrinkles that are a little bit more disconcerting, then you can be confident that this is a possibility. Unlike some cosmetic procedures or things such as certain diet pills, you do not have to carry on with the treatment and return to a completely different look after all the effects have worn off. If you are unhappy with the effects of Teosyal, or cannot afford to carry on with your treatments, then your skin will just go back to what it was before you had the treatment.

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