What is Teosyal?

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First manufactured in Switzerland, Teosyal is a dermal filler, or cosmetic enhancer, which can be injected into the entire face, neck, chest area and hands. It is 100% hyaluronic acid based, which makes it one of the most natural ways to achieve a younger and healthier appearance.

Teosyal also has a cosmetic product range, including a dermal filler moisturiser and a cover up. The dermal filler comes in two different strengths and if applied regularly, has been noted to improve the look of wrinkles and marks on the face. The cosmetic powder has been noted to also have this effect. This is due to the presence of hyaluronic acid, naturally rehydrating and re-plumping the skin. So if even the thought of an injection to improve your appearance is a bit too much, Teosyal can still be the right product for you. This method however obviously takes a lot longer than the instant effects of the injection, so a little bit of patience is required.

The Teosyal range is made up of several different products which are specifically designed to work best in different areas and for different people. So if bigger, fuller looking lips are what you’re looking for, then Teosyal Kiss or Meso would be the product for you. It is important to get the product right, so make sure you know exactly what you wish to achieve from your Teosyal treatment.

Due to their wide range of products, many people of different ages have become dedicated customers of Teosyal. From young 20 something’s just looking to eliminate the first signs of ageing to late 50 something’s and older, looking to shed years of their appearance and recapture their youth, Teosyal injections take an immediate effect. Although some products in the range recommend a top up session or two, most of the products have long lasting effects after just one session. Teosyal products have become increasingly popular globally, especially in the UK since its introduction to the market in 2005. As with all products it has had some negative reviews due to side effects or an undesired result, but these are quite rare, and the majority of customers leave rave reviews of their new looks.

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