Teosyal PureSense

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Teosyal PureSense is the basic Teosyal treatment but with added Lidocaine. The entire of the Teosyal range is now available in the PureSense form, so no matter which treatment you are deciding on, you can be ensured that a reduced pain alternative can also be offered. Lidocaine is a very common local anaesthetic which is used in medical practice all over the world. It has been widely noted to relieve itching, burning and general pain, and is used by many dentists. The addition of Lidocaine within the Teosyal products means that the injection and full treatment is substantially less painful than before. Tests carried out on the comparison between the pain felt with an injection with Lidocaine against the pain felt during an injection with Lidocaine (PureSense) showed that nine out of ten patients agreed that the PureSense products were less painful, and an astounding 99% of these patients would be willing to be reinjected.

As well as this, the average reduction of pain during the actual injection is calculated at 67.8%. This calculation is based on the Visual Analogic Scale of when each person reaches their pain threshold. With these developments in the reduction of pain, it makes the idea of non-surgical cosmetic fillers even more appealing.  Although all Teosyal products are durable and fairly long lasting, the Teoxane laboratories who developed Teosyal and PureSense claim that PureSense can make the product last even a little bit longer. When Hyaluronic Acid Gels such as any of the Teosyal products are injected to the skin, they start to suffer from a skin inflammatory response. This accelerates the deterioration of the product, and so reducing the quality of the improvements on the face and body faster. Due to the addition of Lidocaine, this process is again slowed down, and so offers an improved protection from this skin inflammatory response. Although the recommended averages for the duration of each Teosyal PureSense product in the range is around the same of the Teosyal products without the PureSense technology, even a week of a fresher looking face can make a big difference.

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