Teosyal Syringe

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All of the Teosyal products are injected. The manufacturers of Teosyal, Teoxane laboratories in Switzerland, have designed syringes specifically for their Teosyal products. These patented syringes are made out of glass, which is noted to promote comfort when being injected, and enhance the delivery of the product you have decided on.

How has the Teosyal syringe been designed to improve each treatment?

Some characteristics of the new syringe designed by the Teoxane laboratories are that each syringe is blister packed. This ensures that no syringe has ever been used on anyone else before. Every single practitioner of any injection should always remove the new syringe from the pack and then discard of the syringe after. This prevents cross contamination of disease and bacteria from person to person, and confirms that you will be a getting a clean and sterile treatment.  Another characteristic of the Teosyal syringe is its patented the 360 degree rotation. This rotation means that the practitioner can give you the most precise and comfortable treatment they can. In addition to these specifically developed syringes, Teosyal also promote 25g Ultra Thin Wall Needles to administer their treatments. Because these needles are a little bit thinner, they only need 20%- 50% of the force usually needed for each injection. They also boast a double bevel design and unique lubrication, which furthermore adds to an altogether better skin penetration method. The purpose of this is to, again, add a little more comfort for the practitioner which in turn means a more relaxed and sometimes less painful experience for you.

The little, unique characteristics of the Teosyal designed syringe all add up to potentially make a great change to the ways that the Teosyal treatments would usually be administered. If every characteristic enhances the comfort for both practitioner and you, then the treatment you receive is more likely to be an all-round more successful experience.

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