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A physical change made to the appearance of anyone is normally quite a daunting decision. Many people find themselves questioning whether there will be a treatment for them, and if it will actually do any good. Teosyal have designed several different products to cater to individual needs and wants from the each persons’ treatment, so this worry, at least, can be eliminated. Each different treatment fills, lifts and rehydrates the desired area. It is primarily injected into the face, lips, neck, chest and hands, although the face is one of the most popular. The Teosyal injections have also been designed to inflict minimum pain or discomfort, although different people do experience different levels of pain dependent on your pain thresholds.

From minor to major changes

For quite minor changes in any of the desired areas, so for example, crow’s feet and superficial wrinkles, Teosyal recommends either Teosyal Meso or First Lines. For slightly deeper wrinkles and furrows, Global Action or Deep Lines is recommended. Teosyal Kiss is the recommended product for lip redefinition and adding volume. For remodelling of the face and other areas, the thicker gel products are recommended, Teosyal Ultra Deep and Teosyal Ultimate. These are a bit more intense and are used for different purposes to the Meso or Fine Lines, and often provide more dramatic effects.

All of the Teosyal products are 100% pure and natural, and therefore have no long term lasting effects. So if you have a treatment and decide you do not like the effects, then the product will eventually dissolve and disappear, leaving you exactly as you were before. The amount of time this will take depends on which Teosyal product you decide to go for.

Teosyal also offer cosmetic products, which involve no injections or need to see a practitioner. These are perhaps a better option for the average needle-phobe, but require a lot more patience as results are not immediate.

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