How long does Teosyal last?

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The length of time that each Teosyal treatment lasts is dependent on a variety of factors, including where you have the treatment and which product you decide to go with. Different factors such as the degree of the correction you require, your lifestyle choices, the state of your immune system and your age also influence the duration of each treatment. Various trials have indicated that the average duration of Teosyal treatments over the entire product range is around 6 – 9 months. The average for each individual product however will vary. So for example, Teosyal Ultra Deep has been shown to be one of the longest lasting filler currently on the market, averaging at around a 12 month duration, so could save hundreds of pounds if used over a long period of time, whilst Teosyal Kiss lasts for an average of around 6 months. The longest lasting Teosyal product and one of the longest lasting fillers available is Teosyal Ultimate which has been quoted by manufacturers as having a 12 – 18 month average duration. This also happens to be the most expensive product that Teosyal offer. However, if over a period of 36 months you only need two treatments; it could definitely be worth paying the extra. It all depends on which treatment you go for and what you personally wish to change and achieve. As well as the actual product that you go for, the duration of the treatment can also be affected by the correct placement of the product by the practitioner. Therefore it may be worth doing a little bit of research into the experience and quality of each different clinic or practitioner you may decide to go to. Generally the more experienced in aesthetic treatments your clinic, the better.

Healthier lifestyle choices could also help with the duration of the product, so even if you may be a heavy smoker or drinker and lead a relatively unhealthy lifestyle, a change in certain aspects of your life would promote healthier skin function and work well with the Teosyal products, working to further highlight a youthful and rejuvenated appearance and make your treatment last that little bit longer.

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