Teosyal Treatment

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Teosyal is a dermal filler and rehydration technique. It is injected into different areas of the face, lips, neck, hands and chest area dependent on the individuals wants and needs from the treatment.

How is Teosyal administered?

Although there are many different injection techniques in all treatments of this kind, you will find that many practitioners will use the linear threading technique. Most of us won’t know what this kind of injection entails, but it basically means that the injection is administered alongside the cutaneous depression. As the syringe is withdrawn, the Teosyal gel is carefully deposited into your skin.

After the injection, most people will then carefully massage the specific area. This is mainly to ensure that the product has been distributed equally and effectively. Each product, however, does differ in the technique that is used. All of the Teosyal products are administered through an injection, but for example, the Teosyal Meso range is injected using the multi-puncture technique. Again, without a medical background, not many people will recognise this technique, but it simply means that the skin on your face is stretched out by the practitioner. When the skin is tight, multi-punctures are administered. These multi-punctures will be about one centimetre apart and injected into your skin to a depth of around two millimetres. The amount of Teosyal product injected in each different treatment will differ from person to person; the severity of the correction site often determines the volume of the product used. The more intense fillers such as Teosyal Ultimate will use a higher volume of product due to the nature of the amendments they are designed to carry out. Products such as Teosyal Kiss and Teosyal Fine Lines on the other hand, will use substantially less product as they will have a smaller correction to make. Any good practitioner will talk you through the process you will undergo thoroughly before you are injected. Many may vary the injection techniques they use depending on what they feel works best. YouTube have a huge range of videos available to watch of different Teosyal products being injected, so if you are feeling a little bit anxious about the procedure, it is possible to see exactly what you will be going through. Although after the treatment there may be swelling, redness or slight bruising, the general procedure has been described as many as relatively pain free. Again, this differs from person to person, but is 100% less painful than surgical cosmetic procedures.

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