Side effects of Teosyal

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As with all beauty treatments, there are potential side effects. With something like the Teosyal injections, the risks of a reaction are maybe a little higher than, say, buying a new brand of lipstick. However, as Hyaluronic acid is a product already found naturally in the body, an intolerance or reaction has been noted by the manufacturers to be fairly rare. Pre-testing is not required before any of the treatments, highlighting the extremely low risk of reaction.

Common side effects

Just like any other injection, there are a few very common side effects of the treatments. These can include a slight redness around the injected area and an itching or a slight pain at the site of injection. Although fairly common side effects of any injection, these generally subside over 72 hours, and many people don’t get them at all.

Some Teosyal users have also noted bruising around the site of injection. This severity of any possible bruising is entirely dependent on each individual person. If you are opting for one of the more intense treatments, then bruising has been noted to be a little more common. The experience of your practitioner will also affect whether or not you bruise, as it is very important to inject the product in the correct place in the face and under the skin. Mistakes can inevitably lead to some bruising, so make sure you do not opt for a cheaper, inexperienced practitioner.

If you decide on a lip augmentation treatment from Teosyal Kiss, then a slight swelling, pain or redness could last a little bit longer, possibly up to a week. Again though, these effects will subside within this time, and it is recommended to go about day to day life as usual.

In rare cases hypersensitivity and abscess formation have been described as an effect of the injection. In these cases, it is important to seek medical assistance and to report these side effects to the practitioner you received your treatment from. However, these are very rare side effects, with most people experiencing a bit of redness for a couple of days after their treatments.

To avoid any prolongation of redness, itching or pain patients are advised to avoid extreme temperatures after the injection. This includes intense cold and heat and the use of saunas and sunbeds. It is also recommended to stay out of direct sunlight immediately after the treatments. So if you’re planning to have the Teosyal treatments before a ski or sun holiday, make sure that plenty of time is left for your skin and body to become accustomed to the boost of Hyaluronic acid now present.

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